Hey, I'm Niki!

I was born, raised, and have lived my whole life in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. For as long as I can remember I have had a love for drawing and painting; My Grandfather is a self taught acrylic painter, whose landscapes of the seaside inspired me at a very young age. 

In Grade 12, my art class attended an Auguste Rodin exhibition at the Art Gallery of Nova Scotia. Re-creations of his works, such as The Gates of Hell, The Thinker, and The Kiss, became a vivid reminder of my love for art, and in turn led me to apply to NSCAD University for post-secondary education. I was accepted into their Foundation year program and began my journey into completing my Bachelor of Arts Degree with a Major in Art History. Along the way I was able to study many mediums, such as Photography, Fiber and Fashion, Sculpture, various forms of Drawing and Painting, among others. 

NSCAD's strong student community was very inspiring, and led me to experiment with graphic forms of art and design. After graduating with my degree in 2012, I began to develop my own style using Watercolour and Ink methods. I sold my first painting in 2013 and have been practicing this style ever since.


After the birth of my son in 2016, I formed Three Stack Studio, a creative stream in which to showcase and sell the art I create. I am always looking for new ways to infuse creativity into my life, whether it be through interior design, fashion, the art on my skin or the art on my walls.