Blogging in a Blizzard

Today is a day long overdue: I've finally started working on the website and started this blog. It's pretty overwhelming trying to decide how I want the space to look; Well what do I include? Should I have all my original work, or just the ones I want to makw prints of? And how do I accept payments, ship items and get my new website out there? These are all questions that can make your head spin and usually result in me throwing the laptop to the other side of the couch.

Art has been in my life for as long as my earliest memory. I've always had colouring books, journals filled with scribbles, and an endless supply of ideas. Whether it was drawing or covering my bedroom walls with posters, I've always been surrounded by a creative bubble.

As an adult I've had a number of creative endeavors that have went well, but haven't lasted. In 2012 I started Oliver Treasures, a furniture refinishing business where I would find old, worn, and sometimes broken pieces that needed some love, and I would make them new again. With a lot of success I did this for about a year, until the idea of furniture refinishing became a very popular in the internet world. To this day I still get people asking if I have continued Oliver Treasures, and I'll always enjoy the process of taking what some considers trash and turning it into something valued!

Fast forward a few years to 2016: I have started Three Stack Studio, a new artistic avenue focusing on my work in painting and design. My personal life has gone through quite the transformation as well; in 2016 my husband and I welcomed our son, Odin, into the world. He has changed our lives so much for the better! While on maternity leave I have discovered how calming and therapeutic art really is for me. Juggling commissions, new work, a marriage and a baby under 9 months has been crazy, but one that's helped so much to shape me as a mother, wife and artist.

Today we have a blizzard hitting Nova Scotia, where 60+ cm are excepted to fall within 24 hours. While huddled inside with my little family, I have time to finally focus on things (like this) that tend to fall to the way side when life gets crazy. There are no distractions or errands to run or places to go, just the coziness of a warm house and a snowy backdrop. I hope you enjoy the website and blog I have committed to create, stay tuned!