Canon 9000F Mark II

Review are in: I love this scanner!

I'll admit, there was a lot of doubt this scanner was going to work for me when I opened the box and found a CD ROM software disc. There isn't a disc drive on my laptop, so I had no idea how I was going to install the driver and software. After downloading what seemed like 1000 different drivers and I-have-no-idea-what-else, I finally called the Canon customer support line.

The guy I got was super nice, and he ended up remoting in to my home computer and doing the install for me (THANK GOD)! Usually calling into any sort of help center is my absolute last resort, but this was actually very quick and painless. I would definitely recommend the Canon support line if you ever run into problems with their products. Seriously, don't go though the pain that I put myself through!

Once I got the scanner up and running, it took a little bit of reading the manual, but I have figured out the settings and mode that I will be scanning my watercolours to get the best result. Instead using any of the automatic modes - which I found to really wash out the colours and enhance the highlights way too much - I used the Custom Scan setting. The colours are way more true to the originals, and all I really had to do in the editing process was up the colour saturation and darken my shadows. With any of the functions, you can change the resolution and how the file will be saved when it scans. This is a huge plus, especially if you are going to be editing them afterwards.

Another thing I love about this scanner is the Scan and Stitch function. This lets you to scan an image larger then the bed of the scanner and stitch them together. You can also do this in any editing program, but this one is great if you have a simple one to do. My painting 'Call Me Strange' is 18 x 24 inches, and I was able to scan it in 6 sections and seamlessly stitch them together with a bit of tweaking. I can't get over the detail this scanner was able to get. In the TIFF and PNG files I can zoom in for days and still have no blurring! This is a JPEG file, but you can still tell the level of detail:

So Part 1 of my home printing set up went great. Now I just have to wait for the printer to get here to test out Part 2!