Pancakes and Paper Problems

Pancake Tuesday made good on its promise of pancakes. I took a break from dealing with editing and printing problems to have supper (or was it breakfast?) with my family last night. We may have traded the coins in our pancakes for beer, but it's still nice to get together, especially with a guarantee of bacon.

So far my Epson printer seems like it works great. Right now I'm trying to figure out the best paper to use for the quality of prints I want to make, and one that is compatible with my Artisan 1430. The first paper I tried was my regular 140 lb Cold-pressed Watercolour paper, which is what I use for all my paintings. The details came out great, however the colours were a little dull. I think this was because watercolour paper is (obviously) meant to adsorb moisture and pigment rather then have it lay on the top.

What I really love about this test print is that it shows the density of the washes from the original painting. I've read a lot about reproducing watercolours for prints, and one common problem people run into is that some of the washes turn out grainy or may not show up all together depending on the lightness of the wash. Between my Canon scanner and Epson printer I can tell right away this isn't a problem I'm going to have! The washes printed beautifully and the fine line details look perfect.

After a little more reading online, I decided to try out a paper with a semi-gloss finish. I was hoping this would give a little shine to the black detail and still keep my colours bright. A word to the wise: when buying paper for an Ink-jet printer, make sure the paper is Uncoated. A friend gave me some paper to try from his company, but what we didn't realize is it wasn't made for ink-jet. The print came out smudged and the colours way off! I knew right away it must be the paper, because of the results I got from my watercolour paper test. Here is a comparison of the two:

Both are way off, but you can see the difference in the line detail. Right now I'm looking into getting some paper samples from a shop which will be a lot more cost effective then buying 20 sheets at a time through a store. Hopefully I'll have this figured out soon, because I'm excited to start making prints!