Morning Inspiration

Artist Block: It's a real thing, and it sucks!

In the Fall I was on fire. I was painting every day, had lots of ideas and found the time and energy to stay up till 1 in the morning even with a baby that wakes up at 7am. It was a great few months, and a very busy few months with commissions and other holiday work to do.

Right around Christmas things started to slow down. Everyone had their presents bought and wrapped, and lets face it, if you work in retail you know about the January blues. This, paired with our whole household being sick and a teething baby, it really began the slow, painful descent into artist block.

It seemed to last forever, although I'm sure it was only a couple weeks. I tried taking a break and getting some other things done around the house, but I kept looking at my sketchbook and thinking 'I should be painting'. I'm not quite sure what shook me out of it, but eventually I started a Sci-Fi piece, then a commission came in, then another, and finally I was back drawing again everyday. Mixing it up has also helped a lot; if I get bored of doing larger pieces, I might switch to card designs. If landscapes start to drive me nuts, I might work on whimsical imagery for a while instead.

For the last few weeks I have been working on getting my website and printing up and running, so that's also been a distraction, but a necessary one. Now that I have all that out of the way I've been working on a larger commission that I was given about a month ago. This patron wanted 6 pieces done which included ones for herself, her mother, and two friends. I already have finished the one for her mother, which was for her birthday earlier in February. I've been chipping away at the rest, but now I really want to get them finished for her! They are of a trip she took with her friends to the villa Rocca di Benano, in Italy, and the images she gave me to work with are absolutely stunning! I love drawing ornate architecture, so these definitely fit the bill.

I'll post the final paintings once have them all completed!