Jack's Hat: A Maritime Adventure!

Earlier this year my husband Eric and I started working on a new project. In February I started the illustrations for our first children's book, and Eric began writing the story. Fast forward 4 months and we now have the physical product of our mass amount of efforts!

This was something we have never done, or even thought about doing before, so we were literally flying by the seat of our pants. I'm so proud to say that we took care of every part of the production of this book, with the exception of the actual printing. I did a lot of research online into self publishing books, and taught myself how to use Adobe InDesign to layout the pages to be sent off to our printer. From the story, illustrations, to scanning in and editing the artwork and laying out the cover and text, this has been a really interesting and rewarding experience, and one I would love to do again!

The story is of Jack's flyaway hat and its journey through the Halifax region of our province. In the book you will recognize many local landscapes as the hat travels from Peggy's Cove to Lawrencetown Beach. We wanted the book to celebrate the beauty of our province while teaching children about places they have yet to visit!

The book is now available in our online store, so be sure to check out the Shop to order your own copy!