The Art of Throwing Paint Around

DONE! As of Saturday night I have all my commissions completed, shop orders sent out or picked up, and have no other Christmas markets or events coming up until the new year.

*insert sound of beer opening*

The last of my commissions to be picked up was a series of three canvases, and the very first non-watercolour paintings I have ever done for someone else. Sarah wanted something colourful and abstract for her new office, and left the direction of the images totally up to me. For me this was both refreshing and completely terrifying. I obviously love artistic freedom, but I don't mind having a few guidelines to go by either. Throw in the fact that I've also never done anything abstract before, there was a lot of time where I just starred at the blank canvases.

One thing I really love about mediums like acrylic or oil, is that you can go over the surface with layers upon layers until you get it to where you want. There were a couple of times while working on these paintings that I whited the whole thing out and started over again. I don't ever have that luxury with watercolour; once a layer dries, it's there. With the translucent quality of the paint you always see hints of the layers underneath the next. This can work in your favour depending on what you're going for, but other times it will completely derail you.

These paintings are made up of a lot of layers, like A LOT. It gave the compositions a really soft, almost ethereal quality.

The overall concept behind the paintings was of an underwater environment, where you are looking up towards the surface through the plant life. I needed to give myself a starting point instead of randomly throwing paint around the canvas - which I did at first and it was not pretty.

I am SO happy with how these came out, and admittedly it was hard to watch these painting go out the door; which I think is the way it should feel when every painting is sold. Sarah has already sent me pictures of them hanging in her office, and it makes me so happy to know she will love them too <3