Etsy Made in Canada

This past weekend I was a vendor at my first event outside HRM in beautiful Mahone Bay, Nova Scotia. I was there only on Sunday of the two-day weekend market, and it didn't go without it's share of mishaps, but it was a great time! It was nice to get out of the city, meet other artists and makers in the region, and spend a day with my Mom, who is always awesome company!

Eric was away as well last weekend; Black Moor (his heavy metal band) played three dates in Ontario so they were gone from Thursday to Tuesday. Thankfully his parents were able to step in and watch Odie while I was in Mahone Bay (and that night because I was useless to the world afterwards). On Sunday I was up early, got Odie geared up for the day and then managed to throw a hoodie on just in time to run out the door. It was a rainy day in the city, but by the time we drove past Tantallon the sky's cleared a little. This was also about the time we stopped for coffee, coincidence..?

I hadn't been in Mahone Bay in quite a few years, so going back as an adult, who appreciates old buildings and quaint shops was the equivalent of a kid seeing a really sweet playground but not being allowed to stop and play. By the time we rolled into town we had to go straight to the venue and set up, so no time for sightseeing or shopping. The layout was split into three areas for sellers, we were in the medium sized room upstairs where other artists from Halifax were also selling. Around 10:30am the power went out due to humidity (because yes that can happen, apparently), and wasn't back on for quite a while. This didn't seem to scare off shoppers too much though! Our room had really big windows which helped a lot.

I wish we had more time after the event to look around the town or shop, but it was going on 6pm by the time we were packed up and everything was closed. Despite the power issues and weather, we had a really great day! Selling art isn't ways about the bottom line; it's also about networking, meeting other artists and being inspired by their work, bringing your work to other places besides your hometown, and just enjoying life. Because if you can’t do that, what's the point?

Check out the link to our YouTube video of our day in Mahone Bay!